Polyurethane (PU) is a polymer that consists of a biochemistry unit between the connection of the polyurethane and the polymer of the polyurethane. It is composed of at least 2 types of monomers. Polyurethane materials are based on the outstanding characteristics of their properties, including toughness, hardness and density.

  • For example, Soft foam low density are used as a bed component.
  • Solid foam low density that often used as insulation for cars.
  • Elastomers are often used in them, primarily rubber sheets.
  • Hard plastic sheets often used in making electronic devices.

In addition, polyurethane can also be used to coat wood furniture, because it is resistant to chemicals and abrasion. Therefore, it helps to prevent wooden furniture being easily scratched while still being beautiful throughout use It can be said that it helps to increase the useful life of wooden furniture.

Polyurethane are combustible material that ignite easily and should be used carefully. In addition, polyurethane is heavily smoke and may release toxic gases when ignited. So be careful, do not expose the polyurethane to flammable objects or near locations that may easily catch fire to prevent ignition.

Currently, there are many products made from polyurethane because it is highly flexible and durable that can be used in a variety of production and also very popular product. The products from polyurethane that are often found are clothing products, pillow inserts and wood-plastic composite materials. It can also be used to make some types of medical equipment as well.